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So! What are wall stickers?

Wall stickers have recently taken the world by storm. They are cheap and effective way of decorating a room. Great for renters, as they are completely removable without damaging the wall and brilliant for kids rooms because, lets face it, they change their minds more often than their underwear.

But what are they?

Wall stickers are made of a type of plastic, called Polyvinyl chloride. They are usually referred to as vinyl. There are many different kinds of vinyl, and they have differing "stickiness". Wall vinyl is specifically made for interior walls, or other smooth surfaces. It is not as sticky as other vinyl, such as that used for car or outdoor signage, and this allows you to be able to remove it from the wall without damaging it.

Designs are usually printed on the vinyl and then the designs are cut out by a machine, leaving behind your design.

Common things that people print are quotes, or wall words and sayings, or animals and trees for kids bedrooms. You are only limited by your imagination.

Visit our website to see our range of wall stickers. We have loads of ideas to choose from, alternatively you can email us at and our in house designer can make something especially for you.