Baby Farm Animals


A super cute design of baby farm animals. The animals are the following sizes: Rooster -34cm wide and 36cm tall, Pig – 35cm wide and 30cm tall, Sheep – 35cm wide and 34cm tall, Cow – 36cm wide and 40cm tall, Duck – 19cm wide and 34cm tall & Chicks x 4 – 11cm wide and 11cm tall.

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Introducing our Super Cute Baby Farm Animals Wall Sticker Set, an adorable and heartwarming addition that will bring the charm of baby farm animals into any room. This design features a delightful collection of animals, each with its own unique personality. Here are the details:

Dimensions of Baby Farm Animals:

  • Rooster: 34cm wide and 36cm tall
  • Pig: 35cm wide and 30cm tall
  • Sheep: 35cm wide and 34cm tall
  • Cow: 36cm wide and 40cm tall
  • Duck: 19cm wide and 34cm tall
  • Chicks (x4): Each chick measures 11cm wide and 11cm tall

Customization Options:

  • Size and Colour: We understand that every room is unique. You can customize the size and colour of the animals to perfectly match your room’s decor. Just let us know your preferences, and we’ll provide a quote for any alterations.

Order Details:

  • Custom Order Process: Please note that custom orders are meticulously crafted for you and may take up to 5 working days to complete. This ensures the highest quality and attention to detail in every piece.

Nationwide Shipping:

  • Sturdy Packaging: To ensure safe delivery, your Super Cute Wall Sticker Set will be thoughtfully packaged in a sturdy tube.
  • Shipping Availability: We proudly ship our creations all over South Africa, making it easy for you to add a touch of farmyard charm to your living space.

With our Super Cute Baby Farm Animals Wall Sticker Set, you can create a heartwarming and imaginative atmosphere that’s perfect for nurseries, playrooms, or any space where you want to celebrate the innocence and charm of baby animals. These delightful baby farm animals will bring smiles and warmth to your room, making it a cozy and joyful haven for you and your little one to enjoy!