Big Watercolour Butterfly


Big watercolour butterfly to place on a wall. The butterfly is 67cm wide and 60cm high. There are leaves to dot around – they are 15cm wide and 20cm high & 3cm x 15cm. This design needs to be placed on a white or light coloured wall as it has the watercolour effect.

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Our exquisite Big Watercolour Butterfly Vinyl Wall Sticker is an enchanting design that will gracefully adorn any white or light-colored wall, transforming your space into a haven of artistic beauty. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this sticker is a true masterpiece that captures the delicate allure of watercolors.

πŸ¦‹ Design Dimensions: The centerpiece of this captivating sticker is a splendid butterfly, boasting impressive dimensions of 67cm in width and 60cm in height. Its grandeur and elegance are sure to captivate anyone who enters your space. But the magic doesn’t stop there – we’ve included an assortment of charming leaves that come in two sizes: 15cm wide and 20cm high, as well as 3cm by 15cm. These leaves offer a harmonious balance to the butterfly, creating a serene natural composition.

🌿 Watercolour Delight: Our exclusive watercolour technique adds an ethereal touch to the design, infusing it with a soft and dreamy effect that radiates tranquility. The delicate hues blend seamlessly into any backdrop, making the sticker appear as if it was painted directly onto the wall by a talented artist.

⏳ Custom Orders & Lead Time: We understand that individuality matters. If you desire a unique touch, we’re delighted to offer customizable options. From adjusting sizes to exploring modifications, your creative vision is our command. Please note, crafting bespoke pieces requires up to 7 working days, ensuring every detail is perfected to your liking.

🌍 Nationwide Delivery: Our commitment to quality extends to our shipping process. Each vinyl masterpiece is securely packaged in a sturdy tube, safeguarding its pristine condition during transit. We proudly offer delivery throughout South Africa, so your masterpiece can grace homes far and wide.

🎨 Endless Inspirations: Imagine this splendid butterfly taking flight against your chosen wall, its watercolour hues blending seamlessly with your dΓ©cor. Let it be a symbol of transformation, grace, and the boundless possibilities of artistic expression. With its magnetic charm, the Watercolour Butterfly Vinyl Wall Sticker is more than just an embellishment – it’s an invitation to create a space that resonates with your individuality.

✨ Elevate Your Space: Evoke the elegance of watercolours and the allure of nature with our Big Watercolour Butterfly Vinyl Wall Sticker. Embrace the beauty that lies within artistic expression and make a statement that whispers sophistication and creativity. Let your walls speak the language of beauty, as they cradle this captivating masterpiece in their embrace.