Boho Bears


Three cute wall stickers of Boho Bears… The bears are 60cm high. There are 35 Boho Elements 9 hearts, Teepee’s, leaves, clouds, footprints, mountains & stars to dot around the Bears or you can use them to create a borders along the wall.  You can change the colours and size. Custom orders can take up to 7 working days to complete as they are printed just for you

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These vinyl wall stickers are a delightful and versatile home decor option, perfect for adding a touch of cuteness and Boho charm to any space. The set includes three adorable Boho Bears, each standing tall at 60cm high, making them an eye-catching focal point on your walls.

The set also includes 35 Boho Elements, providing you with a variety of design choices to compliment the Bears. Among these elements, you’ll find 9 hearts, Teepees, leaves, clouds, footprints, mountains, and stars. You can creatively arrange these elements around the Bears to create a lovely scene or use them to design borders along the wall, allowing you to personalize your space to your heart’s content.

The flexibility of the stickers doesn’t stop there. You have the freedom to change the colors and sizes of the stickers to perfectly match your desired aesthetic and room decor. This level of customization ensures that the stickers will effortlessly blend into your existing interior design.

This feature allows you to have a truly unique and tailored design that fits seamlessly with your interior theme.

When it comes to shipping, these stickers are packaged securely in a sturdy tube, providing protection during transit. This means you can order them from anywhere in South Africa, and they will arrive in excellent condition, ready to adorn your walls with charm and loveliness.