Christmas Quote & Reindeer


A cute Father Christmas & Reindeer with quote Christmas sticker for the Festive Season. The reindeer & sleigh is 128cm wide x 30cm high & the Quote is 128cm wide x 15cm high. You can change the colour to suit your colour theme. There are 3 stars 11cm x 11cm.

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This gorgeous Christmas Quote & Reindeer vinyl wall sticker features a delightful design for the Festive Season, depicting a cute Father Christmas and his trusty Reindeer with an accompanying quote. The sticker includes two main elements: the reindeer & sleigh and the quote. The Reindeer and Sleigh design measures 128cm in width and 30cm in height. It portrays a charming scene of Father Christmas riding on his sleigh, being pulled by the Reindeer. This element will undoubtedly add a touch of holiday magic to any space. The accompanying quote stretches across 128cm in width and is 15cm in height. It is a heartwarming and festive phrase that one relates to Christmas.

The colour of the sticker can be tailored to suit your specific color theme, allowing you to harmonize it with the existing decor in your space.

Since each sticker is printed on-demand to meet your preferences, custom orders may take up to 7 working days to complete. This ensures that you receive a unique and personalized product.

The gorgeous Christmas Quote & Reindeer vinyl wall sticker is carefully packaged in a sturdy tube for safe delivery. The seller ships the items all over South Africa, ensuring that customers from different regions can enjoy this delightful holiday decoration.

If you desire further modifications to the sticker, such as adjusting the size or making additional color changes, the seller is open to providing a quote for those alterations.

Overall, this vinyl wall sticker offers a festive and endearing way to spruce up your living space for the Christmas season. Whether you’re decorating your home, office, or any other place, this cute Father Christmas & Reindeer with quote Christmas sticker is sure to bring the holiday spirit to life.