Elephant Sketch


A gorgeous elephant sketch with clouds, a sun, birds and flags. It will look so lovely on a nursery wall!  The Elephant is 77cm wide and 60cm tall, the flag is 43cm wide x 30cm high, the sun is 25cm wide x 23cm high, the 4 clouds are 21cm wide x 12cm high each, the 2 birds are 13cm wide x 13cm high and the 3 butterflies are 9cm wide x 11cm high.

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Introducing Our Gorgeous Elephant Sketch Nursery Wall Sticker Set!

Turn your baby’s nursery into a whimsical haven with our enchanting elephant sketch surrounded by clouds, a cheerful sun, playful birds, fluttering flags, and delicate butterflies. This stunning wall sticker set is designed to add a touch of charm and wonder to your nursery decor, making it the perfect choice for creating a lovely and delightful space for your little one.

Design Elements:

  • Elephant: 77cm wide x 60cm tall
  • Flag: 43cm wide x 30cm high
  • Sun: 25cm wide x 23cm high
  • Clouds: 21cm wide x 12cm high each (4 clouds included)
  • Birds: 13cm wide x 13cm high each (2 birds included)
  • Butterflies: 9cm wide x 11cm high each (3 butterflies included)

This beautiful design combines the elegance of an elephant sketch with the whimsy of clouds, birds, flags, and butterflies. It creates a magical and serene atmosphere that will captivate your baby’s imagination and bring warmth to their nursery.

Customization: We understand that personalization is important when it comes to nursery decor. Our wall sticker set can be customized in various aspects, including size and colour, to match your specific decor preferences. If you have any specific changes in mind, please let us know, and we’ll be delighted to provide you with a personalized quote.

Made Just for You: Our custom orders are created with meticulous care to ensure that every detail is perfect for your nursery. Each order is printed just for you, which may take up to 5 working days. This ensures that you receive a high-quality and unique product that will enhance your nursery’s ambiance.

Shipping: We take great care in packaging and shipping to ensure that your wall stickers arrive in excellent condition. Items are shipped all over South Africa in a sturdy tube, guaranteeing that they reach you safely and ready to adorn your nursery walls.

Elevate your baby’s nursery to a place of wonder and beauty with our Gorgeous Elephant Sketch Nursery Wall Sticker Set. Order now and create a delightful and inspiring space for your little one to grow and thrive!