Gorgeous Boho Rainbows & Unicorns


A lovely idea for a nursery, bedroom or playroom.  The 4 rainbows are  32cm wide & 25cm high & 2 rainbows are  24cm wide & 15cm high. The unicorns are 24cm high & 23cm wide. There are feathers, stars, moons and clouds to dot around.


Step into a world of enchantment with this Gorgeous Boho Rainbows & Unicorns wall sticker pattern, a perfect addition to any nursery, bedroom or playroom. Let your child’s imagination run wild with the delightful mix of rainbows, unicorns, feathers, stars, moons, and clouds that come together to create a magical and whimsical atmosphere.

The set includes four larger rainbows, each measuring 32cm in width and 25cm in height, adding a vibrant splash of colors to the walls. Additionally, there are two smaller rainbows, 24cm wide and 15cm high, offering a lovely variety to the design.

The adorable unicorns, standing at 24cm in height and 23cm in width, bring an element of fantasy and wonder to the space. Your child will surely be captivated by these charming mythical creatures.

To further enhance the celestial charm, the set also includes feathers, stars, moons, and clouds, allowing you to creatively place them around the room to complement the main elements and complete the dreamy look.

You have the freedom to personalize the design according to your preferences. Custom orders are available, and you can request changes such as adjusting the size or choosing different colors to suit your taste and room décor.

The wall stickers are carefully packaged and shipped across South Africa in a sturdy tube, ensuring that they arrive in perfect condition and are ready to adorn your child’s space with magic and beauty.

With this Gorgeous Boho Rainbows & Unicorns wall sticker pattern, you can create a delightful haven for your child, fostering creativity, imagination, and a love for all things magical.