Mermaid Collection


A big statement design for a little girls bedroom wall! The whole design if placed like the picture will 188cm wide x 122cm high. The mermaid in a wreath is 50cm tall and 52cm wide; The sittimg mermaid is 50cm high x 34cm wide and the mermaid sitting on a shell is 42cm wide x 70cm high. The seahorse 19cm wide x 39cm high & the fish is 43cm wide x 22cm high. The flowers are 23cm wide x 20cm high; 18cm wide x 16cm high; 13cm wide x 13cm high; 11cm wide x 10cm high. The starfish is 18cm wide x 20cm high .


Introducing our big and beautiful Mermaid Collection Vinyl Wall Sticker, a stunning design that will make a bold and enchanting statement in any little girl’s bedroom. Let’s explore the intricate details of this captivating creation:

Mermaids and Sea Creatures:

  • The focal point of this enchanting design features three exquisite mermaids, each with its unique charm:
    • Mermaid in a wreath: 50cm tall x 52cm wide.
    • Sitting mermaid: 50cm high x 34cm wide.
    • Mermaid sitting on a shell: 42cm wide x 70cm high.
  • Complementing the mermaids, you’ll find a delightful seahorse measuring 19cm wide x 39cm high and a vibrant fish at 43cm wide x 22cm high.

Floral Accents:

  • To infuse a touch of nature and charm, we include an assortment of lovely flowers:
    • 23cm wide x 20cm high.
    • 18cm wide x 16cm high.
    • 13cm wide x 13cm high.
    • 11cm wide x 10cm high.

Starfish Accent:

  • Enhancing the oceanic ambiance, you’ll find a starfish measuring 18cm wide x 20cm high.

Customization Possibilities:

  • We understand the importance of personalization. Should you wish to make adjustments to size, colour, or any other aspect of the design, please feel free to reach out. We’re here to turn your ideas into reality and can provide you with a quote for any modifications.

Crafted with Care:

  • Your satisfaction is our top priority. Each custom order is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, and we may require up to 5 working days to ensure it meets our high-quality standards.

Shipping Across South Africa:

  • We’re delighted to offer shipping throughout South Africa, ensuring your wall sticker arrives safely in a sturdy tube, ready to transform your space.

This wall sticker isn’t just a decoration; it’s an invitation to a world of mermaids, sea adventures, and creativity. Create a mesmerizing underwater haven for your little one with this stunning Mermaid Collection design. Let the magic and imagination of the ocean come to life!