Create an under the sea Nemo theme, with this gorgeous design. The whole design is 160cm wide and 100m tall if set up as per the pic. There are 2 Nemo fish, 1 Dory, 1 Bruce the shark, 1 squirt the turtle & 1 crush the turtle, 1 ray the stingray, 1 Deb & Flow fish & 1 Peach the starfish.

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Transform your child’s space into an enchanting undersea world with our captivating Nemo Vinyl Wall Stickers. This delightful design spans an impressive 160cm in width and stands tall at 100cm, recreating a mesmerizing under the sea scene right on your walls.

Immerse yourself in the company of beloved aquatic characters as they come to life in vivid detail. This artistic arrangement features two cheerful Nemo fish, accompanied by the friendly Dory, the endearing Bruce the shark, the playful Squirt and Crush the turtles, the elegant Ray the stingray, and the charming duo Deb and Flow fish. Completing the ensemble is the adorable Peach the starfish, each character meticulously crafted to capture their unique personalities.

Enhance your child’s room or nursery with this eye-catching masterpiece, turning any wall into an awe-inspiring focal point. The intricacy of this design invites wonder and sparks imagination, making it the ideal addition to your little one’s living space.

Our commitment to customization means we can accommodate your specific preferences. If desired, we can tailor the size of the design to suit your individual tastes. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll be thrilled to provide a personalized quote for any modifications you have in mind.

Please note that custom orders require up to 5 working days to ensure meticulous attention to detail, as each sticker is meticulously printed to your specifications. To ensure your new artwork arrives in impeccable condition, we carefully package and ship it within a sturdy tube to destinations all across South Africa.

Elevate your child’s surroundings with the enchantment of the deep blue sea – order your Nemo Vinyl Wall Sticker today and embark on an imaginative journey like no other.