Paper Aeroplane Pattern


A fun & unique way to decorate a large wall. Place individual paper aeroplane wall stickers randomly or in a pattern on your wall. You receive 80 aeroplanes, each one being 10cm by 10cm.


Transform your large wall into a captivating canvas of creativity with our Paper Aeroplane Pattern. This delightful and unique decor solution adds a touch of fun and personality to any room. Whether you want to create a playful atmosphere in a child’s bedroom or add a touch of fun to an office space, our paper aeroplane pattern wall stickers are the perfect choice.

Product Details:

  • Quantity: You’ll receive a total of 30 paper aeroplane wall stickers, each measuring a generous 14cm by 11cm. With this abundance, you have the creative freedom to design your wall just the way you envision it.

Customization Options:

  • We understand that every space is unique, and so are your preferences. That’s why we offer customization options. You can request changes to the size and color of the paper aeroplanes to suit your specific decor needs. Just let us know your preferences, and we’ll provide you with a personalized quote.

Made Just for You:

  • Please note that each order is custom-made for you. This means that your paper aeroplane patterns are created with care and precision to meet your specific requirements. Due to this personalization, please allow up to 5 working days for your order to be completed.

Shipping Information:

  • We’re excited to share our paper aeroplane wall stickers with customers all over South Africa. To ensure their safe arrival, we ship them in a sturdy tube to protect them during transit. This way, you can enjoy your unique wall decor in perfect condition.

Decorating your wall with our Paper Aeroplane Pattern Wall Stickers¬† is not just about adding style; it’s about adding personality and charm to your space. Whether you choose to arrange the paper aeroplanes randomly or create a playful pattern, you’re sure to bring a smile to anyone who enters your room.

Elevate your interior design game with our one-of-a-kind paper aeroplane wall stickers. Get started on your creative journey today!