Pastel African Animals & Tree


This lovely pastel safari animal and tree design will look so cute on a bedroom. The whole design is 170cm tall & 270cm wide when placed as per the image.


Introducing the Pastel African Animals & Tree Vinyl Wall Sticker – A Delightful and Whimsical Addition to Any Bedroom!

Elevate your bedroom decor with our vinyl wall sticker. This enchanting design brings a touch of whimsy and sweetness to your space, perfect for creating a serene and delightful ambiance. Here are the key details:

Design Elements:

  • Total Size: 170cm tall x 270cm wide
  • Elephant: 51cm tall x 51cm wide
  • Giraffe: 60cm tall x 44cm wide
  • Zebra: 40cm wide x 57cm high
  • Monkey: 25cm wide x 34cm tall
  • Lion: 40cm tall x 45cm wide
  • Tree: 118cm wide x 182cm tall

Customization: Make this lovely pastel wall sticker uniquely your own by customizing its size and colour to complement your bedroom’s decor. We’re here to accommodate your preferences, so if you’d like to adjust the dimensions or explore different color options, please let us know, and we’ll provide a personalized quote.

Production Time: Please note that our wall stickers are made to order, and custom orders may take up to 5 working days to complete. Each sticker is printed exclusively for you, ensuring it meets the highest quality standards.

Shipping: To ensure your vinyl wall sticker arrives safely and in perfect condition, we ship items all over South Africa in a sturdy tube.

Create a Serene and Whimsical Oasis: Transform your bedroom into a charming and whimsical oasis with our Pastel African Animals & Tree wall sticker. Immerse yourself in a world of pastel colors and adorable animals, where every detail contributes to a serene and delightful atmosphere.

Elevate your decor and infuse your bedroom with sweetness and whimsy. Contact us today to bring this lovely design to life in your bedroom!