Pick ‘n Stick Under the Sea


Are you looking for something fabulously UNIQUE & MADE specifically for you? Check out this stunning idea…. The whole design is 2,1m high x about 3m wide depending on your animal choice. An image will be sent of your ONE of a KIND design before sending off to print. You can make 2 changes of colours or animals at no extra charge after that a design fee will be added. Pick 2 sets of fish; Pick 1 crab & 1 other sea animal; Pick 1 whale & 1 turtle; Pick 1 dolphin & 1 set of seaweed; Pick 1 set of shells, 1 set of bubbles & 1 set of waves & finally Pick 1 octopus & 1 set of starfish. Custom orders can take up to 7 working days to complete as they are printed just for you. Items are shipped all over South Africa in a sturdy tube.

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The Pick ‘n Stick Under the Sea Vinyl Wall Sticker Set is a truly unique and customizable design that allows you to transform your living space with an enchanting under the sea theme. This set offers a captivating design that measures 2.1 meters in height and approximately 3 meters in width, though the exact dimensions may vary depending on your selection of sea creatures.

What makes this sticker set even more special is that it’s tailored to your preferences. Before the design is sent off for printing, you will receive an image of your personalized and one-of-a-kind under the sea design. This ensures that you have the opportunity to review and approve the design before it becomes a reality on your wall.

The customization options are extensive: you have the flexibility to choose the colors and types of sea animals that will grace your wall. The initial design fee covers up to 2 rounds of changes, allowing you to select different animals if you wish. After these initial changes, a design fee will apply for further modifications.

The sticker set includes a variety of undersea elements:

  • Fish: You can choose 2 sets of fish designs, adding vibrant and lively marine life to your wall.
  • Crab & Other Sea Animal: Pick a crab and one other sea creature to enhance the diversity of the scene.
  • Whale & Turtle: Add a majestic whale and a charming turtle to the underwater landscape.
  • Dolphin & Seaweed: Include a playful dolphin and a set of seaweed to create depth and texture.
  • Shells, Bubbles & Waves: Choose a set of shells, bubbles, and waves to infuse your design with authenticity and movement.
  • Octopus & Starfish: Feature an elegant octopus and a set of starfish, adding intrigue and visual appeal.

The entire set is carefully printed to your specifications and can take up to 5 working days to complete. Once ready, it will be shipped securely in a sturdy tube to locations across South Africa.

In summary, the Pick ‘n Stick Under the Sea Vinyl Wall Sticker Set offers a creative and personalized way to transform your space into an underwater oasis. Its customizable nature, high-quality printing, and diverse range of undersea elements make it a truly captivating decoration option.