Safari Branch and Animals


This Safari animals and branch design is completely customisable. The lion is 23cm wide by 30cm high, The hippo is 32cm wide and 22cm high, The giraffe is 52cm tall and 22cm wide, The elephant is 38cm tall and 42cm wide, The tiger is 20cm tall by 17cm wide, The zebra is 31cm tall by 32cm wide, The rhino is 22cm high by 31cm wide, The monkey is 23cm high by 17cm wide.


Introducing the Safari Branch and Animals Vinyl Wall Sticker – Personalize Your Wildlife Adventure!

Embark on a thrilling wildlife adventure right in your own space with our vinyl wall sticker. This design allows you to personalize your animal friends and branch, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere in your room. Here are the key details:

Design Elements:

  • Lion: 23cm wide x 30cm high
  • Hippo: 32cm wide x 22cm high
  • Giraffe: 52cm tall x 22cm wide
  • Elephant: 38cm tall x 42cm wide
  • Tiger: 20cm tall x 17cm wide
  • Zebra: 31cm tall x 32cm wide
  • Rhino: 22cm high x 31cm wide
  • Monkey: 23cm high x 17cm wide
  • Branch: Customizable to fit your space

Customization: Make this wildlife adventure uniquely yours by customizing the size and colour of the animals and branch. Whether you want a specific colour palette or need the design to fit a particular area in your room, we’re here to bring your vision to life. Share your preferences, and we’ll provide a personalized quote.

Versatile Arrangement: Whether you’re creating a captivating nursery, playroom, or any other space, this customizable design allows you to arrange the animals and branch to suit your layout perfectly. Let the wildlife roam freely in your room!

Production Time: Please note that our wall stickers are made to order, and custom orders may take up to 5 working days to complete. Each sticker is crafted with precision and care to ensure it meets your high standards.

Shipping: To ensure your vinyl wall sticker arrives safely and in perfect condition, we ship items all over South Africa in a sturdy tube.

Personalize Your Wildlife Adventure: Immerse yourself in the beauty of the wild with our Safari Branch and Animals wall sticker. Create a one-of-a-kind wildlife experience in your room that sparks imagination and curiosity.

Let the animals roam freely and inspire awe and wonder in your space. Contact us today to start designing your custom wall sticker and embark on a personalized wildlife adventure!