Superhero Silhouettes


A stunning silhouette superhero design – The design is 3m wide x 1.6m high if placed as per the image. Superman is 61cm high x 32cm wide, Spiderman is 58cm high x 58cm wide, Hulk is 56cm high x 40cm wide, Ironman is 55cm high x 19cm wide, Batman is 60cm high x 49cm wide, Thor is 60cm high x 49cm wide & Captain America is 60cm high x 49cm wide. Red Boom is 9cm high x 28cm wide, Green Pow is 9cm high x 20cm wide, Blue Bang is 11cm high x 30cm wide, Yellow Boom is 9cm high x 33cm wide, Pow Bang is 16cm high x 25cm wide, Boom Bang is 23cm high x 22cm wide, Oops is 12m high x 23cm wide & Wow is 7cm high x 21cm wide.


Our stunning superhero silhouettes vinyl wall sticker is a dynamic and action-packed design that will surely make a bold statement in any space. This design measures 3 meters in width and 1.6 meters in height when placed as per the image provided.

The design features silhouettes of iconic superheroes including Superman, Spiderman, Hulk, Ironman, Batman, Thor, and Captain America, each meticulously sized and arranged to create a visually striking composition. Here are the individual dimensions of each superhero:

Superman: 61cm high x 32cm wide; Spiderman: 58cm high x 58cm wide; Hulk: 56cm high x 40cm wide; Ironman: 55cm high x 19cm wide; Batman: 60cm high x 49cm wide; Thor: 60cm high x 49cm wide & Captain America: 60cm high x 49cm wide

Additionally, the design includes vibrant sound effect bursts, adding an extra touch of excitement to the scene. The sound effect bursts are as follows: Red “Boom”is 9cm high x 28cm wide; Green “Pow” is 9cm high x 20cm wide; Blue “Bang” is 11cm high x 30cm wide; Yellow “Boom” is 9cm high x 33cm wide; “Pow Bang” is 16cm high x 25cm wide; “Boom Bang” is 23cm high x 22cm wide & “Oops” is 12cm high x 23cm wide.

Custom orders are welcome, and we’re more than happy to accommodate changes such as size and color. If you have any specific requirements, feel free to let us know, and we’ll provide a personalized quote for your custom order. Please keep in mind that custom orders may take up to 5 working days to complete as they are printed just for you.

Our superhero silhouettes vinyl wall stickers are carefully packaged and shipped all over South Africa in a sturdy tube, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.

Transform your space with this action-packed superhero design and let your walls exude power, excitement, and heroism!