Troll Name with Branch


The troll name with Branch design features two Branch characters, perfectly sized at 45cm in height and a maximum width of 129cm.

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Introducing the “Peeking Branch Troll” Vinyl Wall Sticker – a whimsical and enchanting addition to your space, inspired by the beloved Branch troll character from the popular animated movie. This captivating Troll Name with Branch wall sticker captures the essence of Branch’s playful nature as he peeks from behind the letters of your chosen name, adding a touch of magic to any room.

Product Specifications:

  • Design: The design features two renditions of Branch, the iconic troll character, perfectly sized and arranged for an eye-catching display. One Branch troll will playfully peek out from behind the letters of your selected name, while the other Branch stands tall in a vibrant pose.
  • Dimensions: The peeping Branch troll stands at an impressive 45cm in height and 28cm in width. The customizable name, accompanied by the charming characters, can stretch up to a maximum width of 129cm.
  • Customizability: We understand the importance of personalization, which is why we offer the option to tailor the size of the design to your preference. Whether you desire a larger or more compact display, we’re here to make your vision a reality. Just let us know, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a custom quote.
  • Creation Time: Each piece is meticulously crafted to order, ensuring that your wall sticker is unique to you. Our skilled artisans require up to 5 working days to bring your creation to life, ensuring the utmost attention to detail and quality.
  • Shipping: Delivered in South Africa, your wall sticker will be expertly packaged in a sturdy tube to ensure its safe arrival. We take pride in delivering your order in pristine condition, ready to transform your space with its charm.

Elevate your little one’s space with the charm of the “Peeking Branch Troll” Vinyl Wall Sticker. With its delightful portrayal of Branch, this sticker adds a touch of childhood nostalgia and cinematic wonder to any room. Let the magic unfold as Branch playfully interacts with your chosen name, and experience the joy of a personalized and enchanting decor piece.

Contact us today to embark on this delightful journey of customization and creativity. Let the “Peeking Branch Troll” bring smiles and warmth to your surroundings, making your space truly one of a kind.