Amazing Watercolour Space Scene


Animal Astronauts, rockets, spaceships, stars, aliens and planets & Asteroids!!! An amazing design for a nursery or toddlers room!  The Giraffe astronaut is 31cm X 60cm, Fox astronaut is 33cm X 35cm, Sloth astronaut is 41cm X 28cm, Koala astronaut is 42cm X 33cm & Bear astronaut is 35cm X 40cm. Alien 1 is 20cm X 12cm, Alien 2 is 18cm X 11cm, Alien 3 is 27cm X 16cm & Alien 4 is 23cm X 14cm. Asteroid 1 is 9cm  X 15cm, Asteroid 2 is 9cm  X 15cm & Asteroid 3 is 12cm  X 13cm.  Spaceship 1 is 23cm X 16cm & Spaceship 2 is 21cm X 14cm. Rocket 1 is 40cm X 18cm & Rocket 2 is 21cm X 14cm. Planet 1 is 57cm X 33cm; Planet 2 is 35cm X 34cm; Planet 3 is 28cm X 28cm; Planet 4 is 29cm X 29cm; Planet 5 is 25cm X 24cm; Planet 6 is 16cm X 16cm. There are 20 stars to dot around the design.


Step into the magical world of space with this amazing watercolour space scene vinyl wall sticker featuring adorable animal astronauts, rockets, spaceships, stars, aliens, planets, and asteroids! This imaginative design is perfect for a nursery or toddler’s room, bringing a sense of wonder and adventure to any space.

At the center of the scene are five delightful animal astronauts, each with its own unique charm. The Giraffe astronaut measures 31cm X 60cm, standing tall and proud in its spacesuit. Next to it, the Fox astronaut, measuring 33cm X 35cm, wears a determined expression as it explores the cosmic expanse. The Sloth astronaut, sized at 41cm X 28cm, moves at its own pace through the stars. Meanwhile, the Koala astronaut, measuring 42cm X 33cm, beams with curiosity as it floats in space. And last but not least, the Bear astronaut, measuring 35cm X 40cm, adds a touch of bravery and adventure to the group.

As the animal astronauts journey through the galaxy, they encounter friendly aliens who join them in their cosmic expedition. Alien 1, measuring 20cm X 12cm, has a playful and welcoming demeanor. Alien 2, sized at 18cm X 11cm, looks intriguing with its unique features. Alien 3, measuring 27cm X 16cm, seems to be observing the astronauts with curiosity. And Alien 4, at 23cm X 14cm, brings an element of mystery to the scene.

The space adventure wouldn’t be complete without asteroids and spaceships dotting the celestial canvas. Three asteroids float gracefully, with Asteroid 1 measuring 9cm X 15cm, Asteroid 2 measuring 9cm X 15cm, and Asteroid 3 measuring 12cm X 13cm. Spaceship 1, at 23cm X 16cm, zips through the vastness of space with ease, while Spaceship 2, sized at 21cm X 14cm, has a sleek and futuristic design. Two rockets add a burst of energy to the scene, with Rocket 1 measuring 40cm X 18cm and Rocket 2 measuring 21cm X 14cm.

Six colorful planets add an enchanting backdrop to the space adventure. Planet 1, sized at 57cm X 33cm, is the largest, commanding attention with its vibrant hues. Planet 2, measuring 35cm X 34cm, showcases a mesmerizing ring system. Planet 3, sized at 28cm X 28cm, captivates with its swirling patterns. Planet 4, at 29cm X 29cm, has a rocky terrain waiting to be explored. Planet 5, measuring 25cm X 24cm, charms with its beautiful blue and green colors. And finally, Planet 6, at 16cm X 16cm, stands as a small yet significant presence.

To add an extra touch of magic, 20 stars of various sizes are included in the design. You can place them wherever you desire, adding a sparkling and dreamy atmosphere to the space scene.

Please note that custom orders may take up to 7 working days to complete, as each sticker is printed specifically for you.

These delightful amazing watercolour space scene vinyl wall stickers are shipped all over South Africa in a sturdy tube, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition to bring joy and wonder to any young explorer’s room. So, get ready to embark on an out-of-this-world adventure with this captivating space-themed wall sticker!