Animal Height Chart


A fun animal height chart that goes so well with a few of the wild animal and tree designs as well as the popular animals peeping design!


Introducing our captivating and delightful Animal Height Chart Vinyl Wall Sticker – a whimsical addition that effortlessly compliments various wild animals all standing on top of each other. This enchanting wall sticker is the perfect blend of playful charm and educational flair.

Embark on a journey through the animal kingdom with this meticulously crafted vinyl design. The majestic Lion stands tall at 36cm, boasting a width of 40cm. The gentle Elephant, measuring 28cm in height and 39cm in width, adds a touch of grace. The endearing Hippo, at 24cm tall and 41cm wide, brings a sense of aquatic wonder. The towering Giraffe and mischievous Monkey, both reaching an impressive 80cm in height and 44cm in width, lend a sense of adventure to the scene.

But the real magic lies in the complete ensemble, which stands at an impressive 1.8 meters high, creating an immersive and engaging visual experience for children and adults alike.

Our commitment to personalized perfection shines through with our custom orders. Crafting each piece with care, we tailor these designs to your unique preferences. Please note that custom orders require up to 7 working days for completion, as they are meticulously printed exclusively for you. If you desire modifications such as alterations in size or color, we’re more than happy to accommodate your wishes. Simply let us know, and we’ll be delighted to provide you with a customized quote.

Rest assured, our items are thoughtfully packaged and shipped securely throughout South Africa in a sturdy tube, ensuring that your order arrives in impeccable condition. Elevate your living space, delight your little ones, and infuse a touch of the wild into your surroundings with our captivating Animal Height Chart Vinyl Wall Sticker.