This army scene, includes a helicopter which is 75cm long, soldiers abseiling and other soldiers standing guard. The soldiers range from 26cm tall to 17cm tall. The whole scene, when applied as per the image is 1.27m wide and 1.3m tall. There are 6 stickers in this pack.

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Introducing the Army Adventure Wall Sticker Set – Fuel Your Child’s Imagination with Thrilling Military Action!

Transform your child’s room into a battleground of excitement with the Wall Sticker Set. This captivating scene features a helicopter measuring 75cm in length, soldiers abseiling from great heights, and vigilant soldiers standing guard. The soldiers vary in size, ranging from 26cm tall to 17cm tall, creating a dynamic tableau that covers a substantial wall area of approximately 1.27m in width and 1.3m in height.

Product Details:

  • Military Mastery: The centerpiece of this wall sticker set is the realistic helicopter, stretching an impressive 75cm in length. Alongside it, soldiers engage in thrilling abseiling maneuvers while others maintain a vigilant watch.
  • Customization: We recognize the importance of personalization. If you’d like to make any adjustments, whether it’s resizing certain elements, altering colors, or requesting other modifications, please don’t hesitate to share your vision with us. We’ll provide a personalized quote to bring your ideas to life.
  • Production Time: Custom orders are crafted with care and can take up to 7 working days to complete, ensuring that your wall sticker accurately captures the essence of military adventure.
  • Shipping: We offer reliable shipping services throughout South Africa, with your wall sticker securely packaged in a sturdy tube to ensure its safe delivery.

Fuel your child’s imagination with the Army Wall Sticker Set. This design goes beyond enhancing the room’s decor; it invites your child to embark on thrilling military missions and create their own tales of bravery.

Create an environment where your child can dream of military heroics and daring rescues. Order the Wall Sticker Set today and watch their imaginative adventures unfold!