Beautiful Ballerina’s & Quote


A large stunning custom design of 3 Ballerina’s & a famous quote. This gorgeous design is perfect for a young girl or teenager who loves ballet. There are 3 ballerina’s in a pack. Ballerina 1 is 85cm high & 50cm wide; Ballerina 2 is 85cm high & 39cm wide & Ballerina 3 is 87cm high & 71cm wide. The quote is 43cm high & 65cm wide.


The Beautiful Ballerina’s & Quote vinyl wall sticker is a stunning and customizable design that celebrates the grace and elegance of ballet. It is tailored for young girls or teenagers who have a passion for ballet and want to adorn their space with a beautiful artistic representation of their interest.

The wall sticker pack includes three ballerinas and a famous quote, making it a visually captivating and inspiring addition to any room. The ballerinas are intricately designed, and each one has its own unique pose and dimensions: Ballerina 1: This ballerina stands tall at 85cm in height and gracefully extends 50cm wide, portraying poise and elegance; Ballerina 2: With a height of 85cm and a width of 39cm, this ballerina captures a different captivating pose, complementing the overall aesthetic& Ballerina 3: The tallest of the trio, Ballerina 3 reaches a height of 87cm and stretches 71cm wide, expressing a sense of grandeur and movement.

Accompanying these beautiful ballerinas is a famous quote, adding a touch of inspiration and motivation to the design. The quote measures 43cm in height and spans 65cm in width, making it a prominent feature of the sticker. The famous by Mary Copeland quote Be Strong, Be Fearless & Be Beautiful adds a wonderful touch to a Ballet inspired room.

The best part about this wall sticker is its customizability. Customers have the flexibility to request changes in size and color, allowing them to create a personalized piece that perfectly suits their space and preferences. However, since each order is tailored individually, it may take up to 7 working days to complete the printing process, ensuring that each customer receives a unique and high-quality product.

For ballet enthusiasts across South Africa, this Beautiful Ballerina’s & Quote vinyl wall sticker is available for purchase, and it will be shipped safely in a sturdy tube to protect it during transit. Whether it’s for a bedroom, a dance studio, or any other space, this beautiful ballerina-themed sticker is sure to bring joy and artistic flair to the surroundings.