Big Watercolour Farm Animal Scene


A fab design for farm inspired bedroom or nursery. If placed as per the image it will cover the space of 3,5m wide x 1,75m high. The farmhouse is 80cm wide x 65cm high; The windmill is 82cm high x 65cm wide; The cow is 24cm wide x 34cm high; sheep is 19cm wide x 25cm high; pig is 21cm wide x 27cm high; donkey is 26cm wide x 37cm high; scarecrow is 23cm wide x 45cm high; duck is 11cm wide x 20cm high; goose is 10cm wide x 20cm high; tractor & trailor is 93cm wide x 41cm high. The 3 clouds are 39cm wide x 14cm high & 26cm wide x 42cm high. The tree is 35cm wide x 65cm high. 2 bunnies are 10cm wide x 20cm high; 2 haybales are 17cm wide x 8cm high; turkey is 20cm wide x 25cm high; there are 4 butterflies & 4 fences.

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Introducing our Spectacular Big Watercolour Farm Animal Scene Wall Sticker Set, designed to create an enchanting and immersive farm experience for your child. This captivating design covers a generous space of 3.5m wide x 1.75m high and features a charming array of farm elements. Here’s everything you need to know:

Dimensions of Farm Scene Elements:

  • Farmhouse: 80cm wide x 65cm high
  • Windmill: 82cm high x 65cm wide
  • Animals:
    • Cow: 24cm wide x 34cm high
    • Sheep: 19cm wide x 25cm high
    • Pig: 21cm wide x 27cm high
    • Donkey: 26cm wide x 37cm high
    • Scarecrow: 23cm wide x 45cm high
    • Duck: 11cm wide x 20cm high
    • Goose: 10cm wide x 20cm high
    • Tractor & Trailer: 93cm wide x 41cm high
    • Calf: 25cm wide x 20cm high
  • Clouds:
    • One cloud is 39cm wide x 14cm high
    • The other cloud is 26cm wide x 42cm high
  • Tree: 35cm wide x 65cm high
  • Bunnies:
    • Two bunnies are 10cm wide x 20cm high each
  • Haybales:
    • Two haybales are 17cm wide x 8cm high each
  • Turkey: 20cm wide x 25cm high
  • Nature Accents:
    • 4 butterflies
    • 4 fences

Customization Options:

  • Size and Color: We understand the importance of a perfect fit for your space. You can request changes in size to match your room’s aesthetics. Just let us know your preferences, and we’ll provide a quote for any alterations.

Order Details:

  • Custom Order Process: Please note that custom orders are meticulously crafted for you and may take up to 7 working days to complete, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.

Nationwide Shipping:

  • Sturdy Packaging: To ensure safe delivery, your farm-inspired wall sticker set will be thoughtfully packaged in a sturdy tube.
  • Shipping Availability: We proudly ship our creations all over South Africa, making it easy for you to bring the joy and magic of the farm into your child’s bedroom or nursery.

With our Big Watercolour Farm Animal Scene Wall Sticker Set, you can create an immersive and captivating farm experience for your child. Let them explore the delightful world of farm animals, a charming farmhouse, windmill, tractor, and more. It’s time to transform their room into a vibrant and imaginative farm-inspired haven where their creativity can flourish!