Blue & Mustard Dinosaurs


A gorgeous design for the dinosaur crazy child! These 6 dino’s come as separate stickers so can be dotted around the wall as required. The dinosaur’s sizes are as follows: 27cm tall and 62cm wide; 34cm high and 65cm wide; 30cm tall x 68cm wide; 40cm tall x 32cm wide; 44cm tall x 60cm wide & 58cm tall x 40cm wide. There are 2 volcanoes, 2 palm tress & 2 cacti to finish off the design.

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This blue & mustard dinosaurs wall sticker features a stunning design for dinosaur enthusiasts, perfect for decorating a child’s room. The design includes six separate dinosaur stickers, allowing for creative placement on the wall. Each dinosaur comes in various sizes, adding visual appeal and diversity to the overall display: Dinosaur 1: 27cm tall and 62cm wide; Dinosaur 2: 34cm high and 65cm wide; Dinosaur 3: 30cm tall x 68cm wide; Dinosaur 4: 40cm tall x 32cm wide; Dinosaur 5: 44cm tall x 60cm wide & Dinosaur 6: 58cm tall x 40cm wide.

The color scheme features gorgeous shades of blue and mustard, which are sure to captivate the imagination of any young dinosaur enthusiast. Additionally, the design is complemented by two volcanoes, two palm trees, and two cacti, adding a playful touch and completing the prehistoric scene.

Custom orders are welcome, and customers can request changes to the size and color to suit their preferences. However, it’s worth noting that custom orders may take up to 5 working days to complete since they are printed specifically for each customer.

Shipping is available throughout South Africa, and the items are carefully packaged in a sturdy tube to ensure they arrive in pristine condition.

Overall, this Blue & Mustard Dinosaurs wall sticker is a delightful addition to any child’s room, bringing the excitement of dinosaurs and a vibrant color palette to create a fun and imaginative space.