Bugs Peeping


Great for a room that has lots of furniture, have these friendly bug peeping from behind doors, windows or pieces of furniture. The insects are the following sizes: Flying bug 1  -31cm wide X 22cm tall, Flying bug 2  -33cm wide X 30cm tall, Bee 1 – 25cm wide x 20cm tall, Bee 2 – 30cm wide x 16cm tall, Bee 3 – 29cm wide x 20cm tall, Wasp – 68cm wide x 22cm tall, Dragonfly – 37cm wide and 44cm tall, Caterpillar – 73cm wide and 60cm tall, spider – 23cm wide and 19cm tall, Beetle – 21cm wide and 24cm tall, Grasses with flowers – 21cm wide and 20cm tall, Ladybird – 16cm wide and 15cm tall, snail – 36cm wide and 26cm tall, green bug – 32cm wide and 35cm tall, Branch & beehive – 90cm wide and 44cm tall, Butterfly 1 – 13cm wide x 11cm tall, Butterfly 2 – 12cm wide x 11cm tall, Butterfly 3 – 10cm wide x 7cm tall & Flowers – 13cm wide x 19cm tall.

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Transform your child’s bedroom or nursery into a whimsical and enchanting realm with the captivating Bugs Peeping vinyl wall stickers. Ideal for rooms adorned with an abundance of furniture, this delightful sticker collection brings a touch of nature indoors, as friendly insects playfully peek from behind doors, windows, and furnishings. Each intricately designed insect adds a sense of charm and wonder to your surroundings, making your space come alive with a touch of the outdoors.

The Bugs Peeping vinyl wall sticker set features an array of endearing creatures, meticulously crafted to adorn your walls in style:

  • Flying Bug 1: Spanning 31cm in width and 22cm in height, this airborne insect exudes grace and elegance.
  • Flying Bug 2: With dimensions of 33cm by 30cm, this flying marvel adds an extra dash of movement to your arrangement.
  • Bees 1, 2, and 3: Ranging from 25cm to 30cm in width and 16cm to 20cm in height, these charming bees bring a touch of pollinating magic to your decor.
  • Wasp: Measuring a striking 68cm by 22cm, this wasp makes a bold statement as it emerges from its hiding place.
  • Dragonfly: A splendid sight at 37cm wide and 44cm tall, this delicate dragonfly adds a sense of wonder to your insect ensemble.
  • Caterpillar: Stretching 73cm in width and 60cm in height, this caterpillar brings a playful element of transformation to your surroundings.
  • Spider: At 23cm by 19cm, this intricately designed spider adds a touch of intrigue to your bug-inspired decor.
  • Beetle: Measuring 21cm wide and 24cm tall, this beetle showcases its unique charm in vibrant detail.
  • Grasses with Flowers: A delightful addition at 21cm by 20cm, these grasses and flowers introduce a burst of color and life.
  • Ladybird: Measuring 16cm in width and 15cm in height, this dainty ladybird adds a sprinkle of luck to your space.
  • Snail: Stretching 36cm in width and 26cm in height, this adorable snail brings a leisurely pace to your bug-themed arrangement.
  • Green Bug: Standing at 32cm wide and 35cm tall, this bug introduces a splash of green vitality to your design.
  • Branch & Beehive: Spanning an impressive 90cm in width and 44cm in height, this feature brings a touch of the outdoors indoors.
  • Butterflies 1, 2, and 3: Ranging from 10cm to 13cm in width and 7cm to 11cm in height, these delicate butterflies evoke a sense of grace and elegance.
  • Flowers: Measuring 13cm in width and 19cm in height, these flowers complete your bug-inspired scene with a burst of color.

Customization is at your fingertips, as these stickers can be tailored to your preferences. Alterations in size and color are welcome, allowing you to curate the perfect bug-inspired ambiance for your space. Please note that custom orders may take up to 7 working days to complete, ensuring that each piece is specially printed for you.

Whether you’re nestled in the heart of South Africa or beyond, these charming bug peeping vinyl wall stickers will be carefully shipped to your doorstep in a sturdy tube, ensuring their safe arrival as they embark on their journey to infuse your space with enchantment and natural beauty.