Cute Daisies


A cute way to decorate a large wall. Place individual white daisy wall stickers randomly on your wall. You receive 41 daisies. The largest is 23cm x 23cm & the smallest is 5cm x 5cm.


This cute daisies vinyl wall sticker is a delightful and creative way to adorn a large wall with a touch of charm and elegance. The set includes 41 individual white daisy wall stickers, providing you with plenty of options to arrange them in a manner that suits your style and preferences.

The cute daisies come in various sizes, ranging from the largest at 23cm x 23cm to the smallest at 5cm x 5cm. This size variation allows for versatility in your design, and you can experiment with different layouts to achieve a unique and appealing look.

One of the great advantages of this wall sticker set is the ability to customize it to your liking. You have the option to choose any color you desire, enabling you to match the daisies with your existing decor or create a contrasting and eye-catching display. If you have specific customization requests, such as altering the size or color of the daisies further, you can inquire about a quote to see if it’s feasible.

It’s important to note that since these wall stickers are made to order, customizing your preferences may add to the processing time.  This ensures that each set is printed with precision and care, tailored exclusively for you.

When you place an order, the daisies will be shipped to your location in South Africa. To ensure safe delivery, they are packed securely in a sturdy tube, minimizing the risk of damage during transit.

Overall, this vinyl wall sticker is an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of cuteness and character to a large wall. Its versatile design, customizable options, and careful production process make it a delightful and personalized decor solution for your living spaces.