Fairy & Butterflies


This super cute wall sticker will look beautiful on a little girls bedroom wall! The fairy is 87cm tall and 61cm wide if placed as per the image. It can be printed in the colours of your choice! There are 40 butterflies to dot around.


The silhouette Fairy & Butterflies wall sticker is a delightful and charming decoration perfect for a little girl’s bedroom. It features a fairy design that is 87cm tall and 61cm wide when arranged according to the image provided. The sticker is designed to be visually appealing and will add a touch of magic to the room.

Customers have the freedom to choose the colors of the wall sticker, allowing them to match it with the existing decor or personalize it to the child’s preferences. This customization option ensures that the sticker will blend harmoniously with the room’s overall theme.

The sticker set includes 40 butterflies that can be placed creatively around the fairy, giving a sense of movement and life to the overall design. These butterflies can be scattered around the room as desired, adding an enchanting atmosphere to the space.

If customers want to make additional changes to the design, such as altering the size or requesting specific colors not already offered, they are encouraged to discuss their preferences with the seller. The seller will be happy to provide a quote for any custom modifications to accommodate the customer’s needs.

The wall sticker is shipped in a sturdy tube to protect it during transportation. The delivery service covers various locations across South Africa, ensuring that customers from different regions can enjoy this adorable and whimsical fairy and butterflies wall sticker.

Overall, this Fairy & Butterflies wall sticker is a wonderful addition to a little girl’s room, bringing joy, imagination, and a touch of magic to her space.