Gorgeous Teddies & Tree


A beautiful design for a babies room! The whole design is 2,3m wide & 1,8m high when applied as per the picture. The branch & teddy
is 70cm wide & 50cm high. The grass & sleeping teddy is 1m wide & 28cm high. The whole tree with branch & swings is 1,8m HIgh x 1,08m high. There are 8 extra tufts of grass if needed to extend the design to the wall.


The Gorgeous Teddies & Tree vinyl wall sticker features a delightful design of a Teddy, the adorable grey teddy bear with a blue nose, hanging upside down from a branch in a baby’s room; standing on swing, sitting in a tree & sleeping on the grass. The overall size of the sticker, when applied as shown in the picture, is 2.3 meters wide and 1.8 meters high.

The design shows Tatty Teddy hanging upside down from a branch. The branch and Teddy together measure 70cm in width and 50cm in height. Below the branch, there’s an adorable image of a Teddy sleeping among the grass. This section is 1 meter wide and 28cm high, adding a serene and peaceful touch to the overall design. The entire tree, including the branch and swings, spans a height of 1.8 meters and a width of 1.08 meters. This portion completes the whole design, making it a perfect addition to the baby’s room.

The design also comes with 8 additional tufts of grass, which can be used to extend the scene further if desired, offering flexibility in customization to fit different wall sizes or arrangements.

For custom orders, the process may take up to 5 working days, as the stickers are printed specifically for each customer. Customers have the option to request changes in size and color to suit their preferences. This way, you can personalize the design to match the existing decor and color scheme of the baby’s room.

The vinyl wall sticker is shipped across South Africa in a sturdy tube, ensuring it reaches its destination in excellent condition.

Overall, this ¬†Gorgeous Teddies & Tree with the hanging upside-down teddy, swings, and tree creates a delightful and whimsical ambiance for any baby’s room, making it a lovely addition to the nursery decor.