A fun helicopter design to decorate a wall in a boy’s bedroom. The 10 helicopters all vary in size.. the largest is  28cm tall x 70cm wide and the smallest is 15cm tall x 19cm wide.

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These helicopters silhouette vinyl wall stickers are a delightful way to adorn a boy’s bedroom wall. The set includes 10 helicopters, each with a unique design, adding a touch of excitement to the room. The best part is that they can be printed in any color of your choice or even a mix of colors, allowing you to customize the look according to your preferences or the room’s decor.

The helicopters come in various sizes, ranging from the largest at 28cm tall x 70cm wide to the smallest at 15cm tall x 19cm wide. This size variation ensures a dynamic and visually interesting display when applied to the wall.

Since these stickers are made to order, customizing them to your liking is possible. If you desire a different size or specific colors for individual helicopters, the seller is open to discussing your requirements. However, it’s essential to note that custom orders can take up to 7 working days to complete, as each set is printed uniquely for the customer.

These wall stickers are shipped across South Africa, ensuring that customers from various locations can enjoy this fun and playful design. To ensure safe delivery, the stickers are packaged in a sturdy tube, safeguarding them from any damage during transit.

Whether you’re looking to create an aviation-themed space or simply want to add some excitement to a boy’s room, these helicopter silhouette vinyl wall stickers offer a versatile and personalized option to achieve your desired look.