Little Town with Animals


A fun design for a classroom, child’s bedroom or playroom. When applied as per the image the scene is 232cm high and 365cm wide, however the individual stickers can be place where you like. See the images for more info on what you will receive.


Introducing the gorgeous and enchanting Little Town with animals vinyl wall sticker! This delightful design is perfect for adding a splash of creativity and joy to any classroom, child’s bedroom, or playroom. When applied as per the image, it transforms the space into a charming scene that spans 232cm in height and 365cm in width. The best part is that you can place the individual stickers wherever you like, even spreading the fun over two walls.

Picture this: a picturesque little town where adorable animals reside. The buildings stand tall, each with its unique design and size. Building 1 rises 94cm high and is 20cm wide, while Building 2 boasts a height of 64cm and a width of 20cm. Building 3 stands at 67cm tall and stretches 28cm wide, while Building 4 is 60cm high and 22cm wide. Not to be outdone, Building 5 reaches 55cm in height and 16cm in width, and Building 6 proudly stands tall at 98cm with a width of 32cm. Last but not least, Building 9 is a charming 38cm high and 26cm wide.

As the sun shines bright in the sky, measuring a cheerful 50cm x 50cm, clouds lazily drift by, completing the idyllic sky backdrop. But that’s not all – this charming little town is filled with whimsical surprises! Animals peek out of the windows, adding a touch of playfulness and imagination. Some adventurous critters have taken to the skies in hot air balloons, while others float gently down with parachutes, creating an atmosphere of fun and exploration.

The entire scene is bursting with color and joy, making it a delightful addition to any child’s space. And if you have any specific preferences, don’t worry – custom orders are welcome! You can request changes in size or color to suit your personal style or room decor.

Ordering is simple, and you can expect your custom vinyl wall sticker to be lovingly printed just for you. Due to the care and attention put into each order, please allow up to 7 working days for completion. Rest assured, your sticker will be packaged securely in a sturdy tube and shipped anywhere within South Africa.

So why wait? Dive into this enchanting Little Town with animals vinyl wall sticker and bring a world of imagination and joy to your child’s space today!