Lovely Christmas Wall Stickers


Lovely Christmas sticker for the Festive Season. The tree sticker is 70cm wide x 50cm high & the 3 baubles are 12cm wide x 100cm high; 12cm wide x 90cm high & 12cm wide x 70cm high. You can change the colour to suit your colour theme.

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These lovely Christmas wall stickers are designed to add a Christmas touch to your living space during the festive season. The set includes a tree sticker and three bauble stickers in various sizes. Here are the specific details: Tree Sticker is 70cm wide x 50cm high and is the main centerpiece of the Christmas tree sticker and will bring the Christmas spirit to any room. The set includes three bauble stickers of different sizes, each 12cm wide and varying in height from 100cm to 70cm. These baubles will complement the tree sticker and complete the festive look on your wall.

The lovely Christmas wall stickers can be customized to suit your color theme. You can choose from a range of colors to match your decor and personal preferences. Custom orders may take up to 5 working days to complete. This is because the stickers are printed specifically for you, ensuring that you receive a personalized product.

The items are shipped all over South Africa in a sturdy tube. This ensures that the stickers reach you safely and in good condition.

These vinyl wall stickers offer a convenient and stylish way to decorate your home, office or shop for the Christmas season. With the ability to customize color and size, you can create a unique and festive atmosphere that suits your tastes and preferences.