Motocross Silhouettes


These Motocross Silhouettes can be in any colour you wish. The actual bike measures approximately 20cm high and 32cm long. There are 5 different configurations of motocross jumps and they can be all one colour, or each a different colour.

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Introducing the Motocross Silhouettes Wall Sticker Set – Rev Up the Adventure in Your Child’s Room!

Ignite the thrill of motocross racing in your child’s bedroom with the Motocross Silhouettes Wall Sticker Set. This dynamic design features five distinct configurations of motocross jumps, each measuring approximately 20cm in height and 32cm in length. You have the creative freedom to choose the colors, whether you prefer a unified look or an array of vibrant shades.

Product Details:

  • Motocross Magic: These silhouettes capture the heart-pounding excitement of motocross racing. The jumps are skillfully designed to add a sense of action and adventure to your child’s space, making it perfect for young thrill-seekers and motocross enthusiasts.
  • Customization: Tailor this design to match your child’s preferences and room decor. Whether you want to adjust the size, select specific colours, or create a mix of different hues for each jump, we’re here to bring your ideas to life. Simply share your customization requests, and we’ll provide a personalized quote for your unique design.
  • Production Time: Your wall stickers are carefully crafted, and custom orders may take up to 5 working days to complete. This extra time ensures the highest quality and attention to detail in every sticker.
  • Shipping: We offer reliable shipping services across South Africa, ensuring that your wall stickers arrive in pristine condition, securely packaged in a sturdy tube.

Rev up the adventure in your child’s room with this Wall Sticker Set. Beyond its decorative charm, this design encourages a sense of exhilaration and daring in your child’s space.

Create an environment where the thrill of motocross racing never ends. Order the Motocross Wall Sticker Set today and watch your child’s imagination soar over every jump!