Name and Planes


This planes and clouds wall sticker is 2.7m wide and 1.2m high when applied as per the image.

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Introducing Our Soaring Name and Planes Wall Sticker – A Sky-High Addition to Your Child’s Room!

Elevate the ambiance of your child’s room with our Planes and Clouds Wall Sticker, a delightful and whimsical design that brings the magic of aviation right to their walls.

Product Highlights:

  • Design: The Planes and Clouds Wall Sticker features a captivating scene with colorful planes soaring amidst fluffy white clouds. Measuring a remarkable 2.7 meters in width and 1.2 meters in height when applied according to the provided image, this sticker creates a vibrant and imaginative atmosphere in any room. It’s the perfect addition for young aviation enthusiasts.
  • Customization: We offer the flexibility to tailor the size and colours of this design to match your room’s decor or your child’s preferences. If you have specific customization requests, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.
  • Production Time: Every Planes and Clouds Wall Sticker is carefully crafted, ensuring attention to detail and quality. Custom orders typically take up to 5 working days to complete, guaranteeing a personalized and beautifully finished product.
  • Shipping: Our reliable shipping services extend to locations throughout South Africa. We take great care in packaging your wall sticker securely in a sturdy tube to ensure its safe and undamaged delivery.

Turn your child’s room into a whimsical and imaginative sky filled with planes and clouds. This enchanting wall sticker fosters creativity and wonder, sparking your child’s imagination with every glance.

Order your Name and Planes Wall Sticker today and watch as it transforms your child’s room into a place of dreams and adventures. This customizable and visually stunning wall sticker is the perfect way to infuse a sense of joy and wonder into any space!