Numbers with Kids


A really cute number design to decorate a wall in a classroom, playroom or in your child’s bedroom. Use them to teach your child numbers & counting.

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Introducing our charming Numbers with Kids vinyl wall sticker – a delightful addition to your business’s offerings! This enchanting design is crafted to infuse warmth and educational fun into any space, whether it’s a vibrant classroom, a playful playroom, or the cozy confines of your child’s bedroom.

Transform walls into captivating learning zones with this adorable number-themed wall sticker. Engage your little one’s imagination and cognitive development as they explore the world of numbers and counting right on their very own wall. Each number is thoughtfully designed, measuring approximately 11cm in height, with varying widths that add a playful touch to the arrangement.

When you opt for a custom order, you’re choosing a personalized touch that makes your space truly special. Our dedicated team puts your vision into action, creating a unique piece that’s tailored to your preferences. Please note that custom orders require a bit of time to craft – around 7 working days. This careful attention ensures that every detail, from design to production, is handled with precision, resulting in a finished product that resonates with your individual style.

Flexibility is key, and we’re here to accommodate your wishes. If you desire specific changes, such as altering the size or selecting a different color palette, don’t hesitate to let us know. Our goal is to bring your creative ideas to life, and we’re more than happy to provide a customized quote for any modifications you have in mind.

To ensure your sticker arrives in impeccable condition, we ship our items throughout South Africa in a robust tube. This packaging guarantees that your cherished piece remains protected during transit, arriving at your doorstep ready to grace your chosen space with its vibrant charm.

Elevate your space with this captivating Numbers with Kids vinyl wall sticker – a harmonious blend of aesthetics and education, designed to inspire and delight.