Panda & Bamboo Pattern


A fun pattern for a child’s bedroom or your babies nursery… Decorate any wall with these cute panda’s. You get 32 Panda’s in 4 different designs – Panda 1 is 17cm high & 15cm wide; Panda 2 is 10cm high & 19cm wide; Panda 3 is 14cm high & 11cm wide & Panda 4 is 14cm high & 12cm wide. There are 17 leaves 10cm x 3cm & 17 bamboo sticks 8cm x 2cm.


The Panda & Bamboo pattern vinyl wall sticker is a delightful and playful design, perfect for decorating a child’s bedroom or a baby’s nursery. The sticker features adorable pandas along with bamboo sticks and leaves, creating a charming scene that will surely capture the imagination of young ones. The main focus of the sticker set is on the pandas, and you’ll receive a total of 32 pandas in 4 different designs.

Panda 1 measures 17cm in height and 15cm in width; Panda 2 is 10cm high and 19cm wide; Panda 3 stands at 14cm in height and 11cm in width & Panda 4 has dimensions of 14cm in height and 12cm in width. The set also includes 17 bamboo sticks, each measuring 8cm in length and 2cm in width. Additionally, there are 17 leaves, which are 10cm in length and 3cm in width.

If desired, the sticker set can be customized according to your preferences. Changes to size and color are possible, and you can request a quote for any alterations you have in mind.

The sticker sets are shipped throughout South Africa & to ensure safe delivery, the items are packaged in a sturdy tube.

With its cute panda characters, bamboo sticks, and leaves, this Panda & Bamboo Pattern vinyl wall sticker will add a touch of whimsy and joy to any child’s space. Whether used in a nursery or a playroom, this design is sure to create a playful and enchanting atmosphere for little ones to enjoy.