Peace & Love


This artistic wall decor piece features a beautifully rendered image of a retro tape from the iconic 80s era, evoking a sense of vintage charm and coolness.


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Transport your teenager back in time and infuse their bedroom with a captivating hippy vibe using our mesmerizing Peace & Love poster. Designed to resonate with both boys and girls, this artistic wall decor piece serves as a window to the iconic hippy era, filling their space with positivity and affirmation.

The poster showcases a masterfully rendered image of a peace hand symbol, intricately hand-filled with an array of uplifting words and affirmations that defined the spirit of the era. The retro colours and intricate details effortlessly transport them to a bygone time, adding a charming touch of flair to their personal haven.

As their eyes wander over the poster, their imagination will journey back to the free-spirited 60s and 70s, where peace and love were the guiding principles of a generation. A perfect addition to their room, this poster serves as a testament to their appreciation for timeless aesthetics and a platform to express their individuality.

Transform their living space into a sanctuary of retro inspiration, paying homage to an era that left an indelible mark on history. Let them make a bold statement and capture the essence of the 70s with our visually captivating poster – an essential piece for any teenager seeking a touch of vintage charm to personalize their surroundings.

Crafted with care, the Peace & Love poster is printed on high-quality 200gsm cardstock, ensuring a durable and vibrant representation of the design. Choose from A1, A2, or A3 sizes to perfectly fit their space and preferences.

Please note that custom orders are a labor of love, taking up to 5 working days to create as they are tailored exclusively for you. Should you desire specific modifications, such as adjusting the size, we’re more than happy to provide a quote and bring your vision to life.

Emanating a sense of nostalgia and creativity, the Peace & Love poster is an ideal addition to any teen’s room. Its intricate design details serve as a constant source of visual inspiration, reminding them of the beauty of an era that embraced unity and harmony.

Rest assured, your Peace & Love poster will be carefully shipped to destinations all over South Africa in a sturdy tube, ensuring its safe arrival and impeccable condition. Embrace the charm of the past, elevate their room’s aesthetics, and kindle their passion for timeless design with this captivating wall decor piece.

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A3 29,7cm x 42cm, A4 21cm x 29,7cm, A1 59,5cm x 84,1cm, A2 42cm x 59,5cm, Cool A3 29,7cm x 42cm