Simba Height Chart


A gorgeous design for a Lion KIng inspired room. The whole design (if placed as per the image) is 116cm tall and 50cm wide. It pairs beautifully with the Simba, Friends & Quote design under the “Characters” tab.


This Simba height chart from movie The Lion King  wall sticker is a beautiful and captivating design that would be perfect for a Lion King inspired room. The sticker’s dimensions, when placed according to the provided image, are 116cm tall and 50cm wide. This makes it a sizable and eye-catching decoration for any wall.

The sticker features Simba, the beloved lion character from The Lion King, and serves as a height chart, allowing you to track the growth of your child or add a playful element to the room. The design is colourful and detailed, showcasing Simba in his iconic pose & his famous quote ” I just can’t wait to be King”

For those interested in additional Lion King-themed decor,  there is a beautiful “Simba, Friends & Quote” design.

Custom orders are accepted, giving customers the option to modify certain aspects of the design, such as size and color, to suit their preferences. This ensures that the sticker can be tailored to fit the specific requirements of the room or individual tastes.

The sticker is shipped throughout South Africa in a sturdy tube, which should protect it from damage during transit and ensure it arrives in pristine condition.

Overall, this Simba from The Lion King height chart wall sticker offers a fantastic way to bring the magic and charm of The Lion King into a room, providing a visually appealing and functional decoration that can be cherished for years to come.