Unicorn Border


This super cute unicorn border comes in strips of 1.2m wide and there are a total of 3 strips, making a total distance of 3.6 meters. The border is 15cm high.

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Introducing our enchanting Unicorn Border Vinyl Wall Sticker – a magical addition to your child’s decor that will transport them to a world of whimsy and wonder! This delightful wall sticker is perfect for creating a dreamy atmosphere in any kid’s room.

Design: Our Unicorn Border is designed to captivate young hearts with its charming and super cute unicorn motifs. The border comes in strips that are 1.2 meters wide, and each set includes a total of 3 strips, providing an impressive total distance of 3.6 meters. The border is 15cm high, making it a prominent and eye-catching feature in any room.

Customization: We understand that every child’s room is unique, so we offer customization options. If you desire a different size or color to match your decor perfectly, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with a personalized quote.

Production Time: Please note that our items are made to order just for you. Custom orders may take up to 5 working days to complete. We believe in delivering a high-quality product tailored to your preferences, and your patience will be rewarded with a stunning addition to your space.

Shipping: We’re thrilled to serve customers all over South Africa! To ensure your unicorn border arrives in perfect condition, we ship it securely in a sturdy tube. Rest assured, your order will be handled with care to reach you in pristine condition.

Transform your child’s room into a magical realm with our Unicorn Border Vinyl Wall Sticker. Let their imaginations run wild as they embark on whimsical adventures with these charming unicorns. Create lasting memories and smiles with this enchanting addition to your decor. Make your child’s room a place of dreams with our Unicorn Border – because every child deserves a touch of magic!