A stunning colourful collection of vehicles & dots to decorate a feature wall. Trains, planes, cars & trucks in colourful bold colours. Ship is 24cm wide x 16cm high; Sailing boat is 21cm wide x 18cm high, Blue car is 17cm wide x 10cm high, Plane is 26cm wide x 16cm high, Train is 48cm wide x 16cm high, Taxi is 17cm wide x 12cm high, Van is 28cm wide x 13cm high, Hot air balloon is 19cm wide x 14cm high, Police car is 17cm wide x 13cm high, Sports car is 17cm wide x 10cm high, Digger is 29cm wide x 20cm high, Fire engine is 30cm wide x 16cm high, tractor is 20cm wide x 18cm high, bus is 29cm wide x 17cm high, mini bus is 23cm wide x 14cm high, helicopter is 24cm wide x 13cm high, & Ambulance is 22cm wide x 15cm high. There are 28 dots 4cm x 4cm.

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Introducing the Vehicles Wall Sticker Collection!

Create a vibrant and lively feature wall in your child’s room with our delightful collection of colorful vehicles and playful dots. This set includes an assortment of trains, planes, cars, trucks, and various other transportation elements in bold and cheerful colors, adding a touch of excitement to their space.

Product Details:

  • Vehicles: This collection features a wide array of colorful vehicles, each with its unique dimensions:
    • Ship: 24cm wide x 16cm high
    • Sailing boat: 21cm wide x 18cm high
    • Blue car: 17cm wide x 10cm high
    • Plane: 26cm wide x 16cm high
    • Train: 48cm wide x 16cm high
    • Taxi: 17cm wide x 12cm high
    • Van: 28cm wide x 13cm high
    • Hot air balloon: 19cm wide x 14cm high
    • Police car: 17cm wide x 13cm high
    • Sports car: 17cm wide x 10cm high
    • Digger: 29cm wide x 20cm high
    • Fire engine: 30cm wide x 16cm high
    • Tractor: 20cm wide x 18cm high
    • Bus: 29cm wide x 17cm high
    • Mini bus: 23cm wide x 14cm high
    • Helicopter: 24cm wide x 13cm high
    • Ambulance: 22cm wide x 15cm high
  • Dots: To add an extra playful touch, we’ve included 28 colorful dots, each measuring 4cm x 4cm.
  • Customization: We understand that every room has its unique charm. If you’d like to make changes in terms of size or colour, please don’t hesitate to share your preferences. We’ll be delighted to provide a personalized quote for any modifications you desire.
  • Production Time: Custom orders are crafted with care and typically take up to 5 working days to complete to ensure they fit your space perfectly.
  • Shipping: We offer reliable shipping services throughout South Africa, and your wall sticker set will be meticulously packaged in a sturdy tube to ensure its safe arrival.

Turn your child’s room into a colorful and captivating world of transportation with our Colourful Transportation Extravaganza Wall Sticker Collection. This vibrant and playful design will not only brighten their space but also fuel their imagination and passion for all things that go!

Create an engaging and lively atmosphere that your child will absolutely adore. Order the Wall Sticker Collection today and watch their excitement soar!