Watercolour Dino Pattern


A cute collection of dinosaurs for a dinosaur crazy child! The dinosaurs all vary in size the largest is 23cm X 22cm and the smallest dinosaur is 14cm x 7cm. There are 31 dinosaurs. They can be placed as you choose on the wall.

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Introducing the adorable  Watercolour Dino Pattern vinyl wall sticker, perfect for any dinosaur-crazy child! This delightful wall sticker features a charming collection of dinosaurs, each exquisitely designed in different shades of green, adding a touch of whimsy to any room.

With 31 dinosaurs in total, this wall sticker offers a variety of sizes to create a dynamic and lively scene. The largest dinosaur measures 23cm X 22cm, making it a prominent centerpiece, while the smallest dinosaur is 14cm x 7cm, adding intricate details to the overall pattern.

Assembling this sticker is a breeze, as it allows you to unleash your creativity and place the dinosaurs wherever you wish on the wall. This customization feature ensures that each installation is unique and tailored to your child’s preferences.

Since each order is custom printed, it may take up to 5 working days for your sticker to be completed. This attention to detail ensures that the product is created specifically for you, making it all the more special.

If you have any specific preferences regarding size or color, we are more than happy to accommodate your requests. Feel free to communicate your ideas, and they will gladly provide a quote for any changes you’d like to make to the design.

Shipping is available all over South Africa, and the wall sticker will be carefully packed in a sturdy tube to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

Get ready to transform your child’s room into a prehistoric wonderland with this “A Cute Watercolour Dino Pattern” vinyl wall sticker. Watch as their imagination runs wild among the playful dinosaurs, adding joy and excitement to their space!