Watercolour Monkey’s & Branch


A super cute set of monkey’s swinging & hanging…  Swinging Monkey & Branch is 145cm tall x 125cm wide. The Monkey on the Vine is 125cm tall & 40cm wide & the monkey sitting is is 49cm wide  x 42cm high.

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This incredible watercolour monkey’s & branch vinyl wall sticker is a super cute set of watercolour monkeys swinging, peeping, running and hanging. It features 12 adorable monkeys.

  1. Swinging Monkey & Branch  is 97cm tall and 60cm wide;
  2. 2 x Monkey’s sitting with a cocked head is 37cm tall and 32cm wide & 27cm tall and 23cm wide;
  3. Monkey standing eating a banana is 32cm wide and 34cm high;
  4. 2 x Monkey’s sitting looking backward are 29cm tall and 19cm wide & 26cm tall and 17cm wide;
  5. 2 x Monkey running with a banana is 33cm wide and 33cm high;
  6. Monkey peeping out from the side is 30cm tall and 19cm wide;
  7. Monkey peeping from the top is 28cm wide and 25cm high;
  8. Monkey doing a hand stand is 36cm tall and 22cm wide
  9. Monkey with a banana in his hand is 33cm tall and 33cm wide

The wall sticker is made of vinyl material, making it easy to apply to your wall or any smooth surface. Custom orders are available, and changes in size and color can be accommodated. If you want something different from the standard size or color, you can request a quote for your specific preferences.

The production time for custom orders is up to 7 working days, as each sticker is printed individually based on the customer’s requirements. After production, the items are shipped across South Africa in a sturdy tube to ensure safe delivery.

Overall, this watercolour monkey’s & branch vinyl wall sticker offers a delightful and playful addition to any space, especially for those who love cute monkey designs and watercolor-style artwork.