Watercolour Planes


This gorgeous plane design will look stunning on any white or light coloured wall. You will receive 1 plane & flags 67cm wide x 22cm high, 1 helicopter is 47cm wide x 41cm high, 4 smaller plane 31cm wide x 21cm high, 31cm wide x 21cm high, 37cm wide x 27cm high & 36cm wide x 21cm high, plane with banner is 77cm wide x 22cm high & Hot air balloon is 43cm wide x 21cm high . You get 8 clouds and 40 stars to finish off the design.

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Introducing the Watercolour Planes Wall Sticker Set – Perfect for Your Little Aviator’s Room!

Elevate your child’s room with this stunning aviation-themed wall sticker set featuring an array of planes, a helicopter, hot air balloon, clouds, and stars. This dreamy and whimsical design will turn their room into a sky-high adventure zone.

Product Details:

  • Aircraft Variety: This set includes a delightful assortment of aircraft, each with its unique dimensions:
    • 1 Plane with Flags: 67cm wide x 22cm high
    • 1 Helicopter: 47cm wide x 41cm high
    • 4 Smaller Planes: Ranging from 31cm wide x 21cm high to 37cm wide x 27cm high
    • Plane with Banner: 77cm wide x 22cm high
    • Hot Air Balloon: 43cm wide x 21cm high
  • Decorative Elements: To complete the enchanting sky theme, this set also includes 8 fluffy clouds and 40 twinkling stars.
  • Customization: We understand that personalization is key. If you’d like to make any changes in terms of size or colour to perfectly match your room’s aesthetics, please let us know. We’re here to bring your vision to life and will provide a personalized quote for any modifications you desire.
  • Production Time: Custom orders are crafted with care and typically take up to 5 working days to complete, ensuring they fit your space perfectly.
  • Shipping: We offer reliable shipping services across South Africa, and your wall sticker set will be securely packaged in a sturdy tube to ensure its safe arrival.

Turn your child’s room into a dreamy and adventurous sky-high escape with the Watercolour Planes Wall Sticker Set. This ethereal and imaginative design will not only brighten their space but also inspire their dreams of soaring through the clouds.

Create an enchanting and inspiring environment that your child will absolutely adore. Order the Planes Wall Sticker Set today and let their imagination take flight!