White Tree with Butterflies & Bunnies


A gorgeous big design that will look stunning as a feature wall. The whole design is 3,4m wide x 2,4m high. The tree & leaves alone are  2m high and 2.m wide. The bunnies are  54cm H x 21cm W; 32cm H x 22cm W; 30cm H x 17cm W & 23cm H x 24cm W. There are 20 butterflies.


This White Tree with Butterflies & Bunnies vinyl wall sticker design is a breathtaking and captivating silhouette piece that is intended to serve as a stunning feature wall in abedroom, nursery or playroom. The entire design spans an impressive 3.4 meters in width and 2.4 meters in height, making it an eye-catching focal point in any room.

The centerpiece of the design is a majestic tree, with an abundance of leaves. The tree and its foliage alone measure 2 meters in height and 2 meters in width, ensuring a dominant presence on the wall. The intricate details of the tree and the leaves will create a sense of depth and life-like appearance on the wall.

Additionally, this design features four charming bunnies in different sizes and positions, each contributing to the overall aesthetic. The sizes of the bunnies are as follows: 54cm in height and 21cm in width; 32cm in height and 22cm in width; 30cm in height and 17cm in width; and 23cm in height and 24cm in width. These adorable bunnies add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to the overall scene.

Furthermore, there are 20 delicate butterflies scattered throughout the design, enhancing the visual appeal and adding an element of grace and elegance. These butterflies add a sense of movement and bring life to the composition, completing the overall aesthetic.

Customers have the option to request custom changes to the design, such as altering the size or color scheme to suit their preferences. The customization process may extend the processing time to up to 7 working days, as each order is individually printed for the customer’s specific requirements.

The vinyl wall stickers are securely shipped all over South Africa, ensuring safe delivery in a sturdy tube to protect the design during transit. Wherever you place this captivating White Tree with Butterflies & Bunnies vinyl wall sticker design is sure to captivate the imagination and become a cherished feature in any home.