Wild Animals in Watercolour


This stunning watercolour wild animal  design will look great on a light OR white coloured bedroom or playroom wall.  The Elephant is 110cm tall X 69cm wide; Giraffe is 116cm tall X 78cm wide;  Lion is 52cm tall X 94cm wide; Zebra is 67cm tall X 47cm wide; Ape is 34cm tall X 27cm wide & Branch is 54cm tall X 110cm wide . There are 2 sets of birds ( 18cm x 12cm); 2 grass ( 18cm x 12cm); 2 rocks ( 13cm x 5cm) & 2 Rocks & Grass (18cm x 15cm) to finish off the design.


This wild animals in watercolour vinyl wall sticker features real life looking wild animals creating a safari theme, perfect for decorating a light or white-colored bedroom or playroom wall. The design includes various elements of wildlife, creating a captivating and vibrant scene.

The sizes of the animals and other elements are as follows:

  • Elephant: 110cm tall X 69cm wide
  • Giraffe: 116cm tall X 78cm wide
  • Lion: 52cm tall X 94cm wide
  • Zebra: 67cm tall X 47cm wide
  • Ape: 34cm tall X 27cm wide
  • Branch: 54cm tall X 110cm wide

In addition to the animals, there are also several smaller elements to complete the design:

  • 2 sets of birds: 18cm x 12cm each
  • 2 grass patches: 18cm x 12cm each
  • 2 rocks: 13cm x 5cm each
  • 2 rocks & grass combined: 18cm x 15cm each

Custom orders are available, and customers have the option to request changes to the size or other aspects of the design. However, keep in mind that custom orders might take up to 7 working days to complete as they are specifically printed for each individual.

The wild animals in watercolour vinyl stickers are shipped all over South Africa in a sturdy tube, ensuring that they reach the customers in good condition.

Overall, this vinyl wall sticker promises to create a visually striking and whimsical atmosphere in any room, adding a touch of nature and wild adventure.