Woodland Set & Trees


A beautiful design of a woodland scene. The tree 1  is 30cm wide x 52cm high;  tree 2 is 28cm wide x 45cm high;  tree 3 is 33cm wide x 52cm high;  tree 4 is 45cm wide x 43cm high & tree 5 is 21cm wide x 34cm high. The bear is 35cm high & c16m wide; Fox is 25ch high x 18cm wide; Deer is 23cm high & 21cm wide; Bunny is 18cm high x 12cm wide; Porcupine is 14cm high & 12cm wide; Squirrell is 15cm high x 16cm wide &  Raccoon is 18cm high & 15cm wide. There are 6 mushrooms that are 6cm high x 6cm wide.


Introducing our enchanting Woodland Set & Trees vinyl wall sticker, a mesmerizing woodland scene that brings the beauty of nature right into your children’s space. Carefully crafted to enhance the ambiance of any room, this design features a collection of trees and adorable woodland creatures.

Tree 1 stands tall at 30cm wide and 52cm high,  Tree 2, slightly smaller at 28cm wide and 45cm high, Tree 3 boasts a width of 33cm and a height of 52cm, creating a sense of balance and harmony in the overall composition. The grandeur of Tree 4 shines through its 45cm width and 43cm height, while Tree 5, with its subtle elegance, measures 21cm wide and 34cm high.

Wandering through this woodland wonderland, you’ll encounter a variety of endearing creatures that add life and cuteness to the scene. The charming bear stands 35cm high and 16cm wide, exuding a gentle presence. The sly and playful fox, measuring 25cm in height and 18cm in width, adds a touch of cleverness to the ambiance. The graceful deer stands tall at 23cm and spans 21cm in width, bringing a sense of serenity to the surroundings. The adorable bunny, with its delicate appearance, measures 18cm in height and 12cm in width, evoking a feeling of innocence and joy. The prickly but lovable porcupine stands 14cm tall and spans 12cm in width, adding a delightful quirk to the scene. The mischievous squirrel, measuring 15cm in height and 16cm in width, completes this charming group of woodland friends. Last but not least, the clever raccoon, standing at 18cm in height and 15cm in width, adds a touch of curiosity and adventure to the design.

To enhance the overall enchantment, we’ve scattered six adorable mushrooms throughout the scene. Each mushroom measures 6cm in height and 6cm in width, adding a delightful splash of color and whimsy to the woodland floor.

As every space is unique, we understand that customization might be desired. We are pleased to offer the flexibility to alter the size and color of this design to perfectly fit your preferences. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for a personalized quote.

To ensure that you receive a product tailored just for you, we request up to 7 working days to complete custom orders, as each piece is printed with care.

We are delighted to ship our products all over South Africa in a sturdy tube, ensuring that your precious vinyl wall sticker arrives in pristine condition.

Welcome the beauty of the great outdoors into your home with this captivating woodland scene, and let its charm and warmth fill your heart and space with joy.