“The times we are a Living”

Well it has been a crazy, CRAZY 2023 so far…. with the world changing by the minute, people isolated and families torn apart by this awful virus.

I am taking the time to reflect on what I value… what I need to be happy… what fills my soul and why I am living the life I do. I am taking the time to TRY not stress about the uncontrollable outside world and where we as a world are going… I am taking the time to enjoy my time with my teens.. We have set up our table tennis on our patio and many a competitive match has been played already! I am taking the extra time I get with them – time that they would be hanging with friends… away at some music festival or holed up in their rooms trying to get an imminent assignment in or studying for a test… I am taking the time while I have the mess, the loud banging music, the fighting, the laughing, the lazy mornings… ALL OF IT . I am absorbing it.. I am savoring it.

In all of this, I am still squeezing in some time to work on my business…. I have a love for creating so my “JOB” is a passion! I LOVE working with my clients with emails and Whatsapps to and fro; throwing ideas around and creating EXACTLY the design that they wanted or imagined… I so look forward to after this time.. where my designs can actually be sent out and be put up in a new babies room or upgrading a room or two in your home…. Until then I ask you to BE SAFE…. BREATH… & STAY HOME!