Classroom Name


A stunning name for a classsroom  wall. The design is  125cm wide x 50cm high. Please remember to add the name of the class as well as the image you would like in the notes section. I will send an image through before printing for approval.


Introducing our Classroom Name Wall Decal – Elevate Your Classroom Aesthetic!

Transform your classroom into an inspiring haven of knowledge and creativity with our captivating Ckassroom Name Wall Decal. Crafted to invigorate learning spaces, this meticulously designed wall sticker measures an impressive 125cm in width and 50cm in height, ensuring an impactful visual presence that leaves a lasting impression.

Immerse your students in an environment that fosters curiosity and engagement. Personalize the decal with your class’s name, creating a sense of identity and belonging. Our commitment to excellence extends to customizing the image to your preference, ensuring it resonates perfectly with your educational theme.

How it works:

  1. Choose the name of your class for a personalized touch.
  2. Select your desired image to compliment the learning atmosphere (please provide the image for approval before printing).
  3. We’ll expertly craft your Classroom Name Wall Decal, a process that takes up to 5 working days for ultimate precision.
  4. Need adjustments? We’re here to cater to your preferences, whether it’s a different size or color scheme. Simply let us know, and we’ll provide you with a tailored quote.

Shipping and Quality Assurance: Rest easy knowing that your  Wall Decal will arrive in pristine condition. We ship throughout South Africa, ensuring your order reaches you securely in a robust tube, preventing any damage during transit.

Immerse your students in an environment where learning knows no bounds. Elevate your classroom’s ambiance – a testament to the power of education and aesthetic harmony. Embrace the fusion of knowledge and design today!

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