Classroom Rules


A gorgeous colourful Classroom  Rules to decorate a wall in a classroom. The words “Our Classroom Rules” is  125cm wide x 12cm high,   “Help Others” is  125cm wide x 12cm high, “Dream Big” is 41cm wide x 9cm high, “Work Hard” is 42cm wide x 8cm high, “Be Polite” is  40cm wide x 9cm high, “Be Kind” is 36cm wide x 11cm high,  “Ask Questions” is  47cm wide x 7cm high,  “Follow Instructions” is  68cm wide x 7cm high,  “Listen Carefully” is  55cm wide x 7cm high & “Be Ready To Learn Everyday” is  125cm wide x 10cm high.

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Introducing Our Vibrant Classroom Rules Vinyl Wall Sticker! Transform your classroom into an inspiring and welcoming learning space with our stunning Classroom Rules vinyl wall sticker. This captivating design features a collection of uplifting phrases that promote a positive and encouraging environment for both students and educators.

  • “Our Classroom Rules” in bold, eye-catching typography serves as the centerpiece, measuring an impressive 125cm wide x 12cm high. This central element anchors the design, establishing the tone for the entire display.
  • Each rule is meticulously crafted to ensure maximum impact:
    • “Help Others” spans 25cm wide x 12cm high, creating a sense of unity and teamwork among students.
    • “Dream Big” stands out at 41cm wide x 9cm high, inspiring aspirations and igniting imaginations.
    • “Work Hard” emphasizes dedication and effort with dimensions of 42cm wide x 8cm high.
    • “Be Polite” at 40cm wide x 9cm high encourages courteous interactions within the classroom.
    • “Be Kind” resonates at 36cm wide x 11cm high, fostering empathy and compassion.
    • “Ask Questions” spans 47cm wide x 7cm high, promoting curiosity and active engagement.
    • “Follow Instructions” stretches to 68cm wide x 7cm high, reinforcing the importance of guidance.
    • “Listen Carefully” measures 55cm wide x 7cm high, nurturing attentive and respectful communication.
    • “Be Ready To Learn Everyday” expands to 125cm wide x 10cm high, establishing a mindset of continuous growth and enthusiasm.
  • Customizable Options: We understand the unique needs of each classroom. Size and color adjustments are available to tailor the sticker to your specific preferences. Contact us for a personalized quote on any desired changes.
  • Handcrafted for You: Each vinyl wall sticker is made to order, ensuring a bespoke and exclusive piece for your classroom. Please allow up to 5 working days for production, as our dedicated team meticulously brings your vision to life.
  • Shipping: We proudly deliver our products across South Africa in a durable and protective tube, safeguarding your vinyl wall sticker throughout its journey to your classroom.

Elevate your classroom decor and foster a culture of positivity and learning with our exquisite Classroom Rules vinyl wall sticker. Let the vibrant colors and inspiring messages create an environment where students feel encouraged to explore, learn, and thrive. Order yours today and embark on a transformative journey of education and inspiration!