Funky Fishy Pattern


A school of fish in fun funky patterns. There are 8 different fish – Fish 1 is 22cm wide X 11cm tall; Fish 2 is 18cm wide X 11cm tall; Fish 3 is 22cm wide X 10cm tall; Fish 4 is 24cm wide X 7cm tall; Fish 5 is 19cm wide X 9cm tall; Fish 6 is 19cm wide X 10cm tall; Fish 7 is 18cm wide X 7cm tall; Fish 8 is 14cm wide X 9cm tall. This design will make a stunning feature wall in your child’s bedroom or in a beach inspired home.


Our captivating vinyl wall sticker Funky Fishy Pattern will transform your space into an enchanting underwater realm. This imaginative design features a lively school of eight unique fish, each boasting its own playful pattern and dimensions, adding a vibrant touch to any room.

Fish 1: Dive into creativity, measuring 22cm wide X 11cm tall. Its dynamic design captures the essence of aquatic fun.

Fish 2: Splash some personality onto your walls with Fish 2, a charming 18cm wide X 11cm tall specimen that exudes whimsy.

Fish 3: Take the plunge with Fish 3, stretching 22cm wide X 10cm tall, its quirky pattern is sure to delight.

Fish 4: Create a bold statement with Fish 4, spanning 24cm wide X 7cm tall, its captivating design is a conversation starter.

Fish 5: Add a touch of elegance with Fish 5, measuring 19cm wide X 9cm tall, it brings gracefulness to the underwater ensemble.

Fish 6: Dive deeper into the aquatic wonderland with Fish 6, 19cm wide X 10cm tall, its intricate details captivate the eye.

Fish 7: Infuse a dash of charm with Fish 7, 18cm wide X 7cm tall, its compact size packs a delightful punch.

Fish 8: Revel in the artistic allure of Fish 8, a masterpiece at 14cm wide X 9cm tall, it’s a true symbol of aquatic artistry.

Crafted to infuse life and color into your surroundings, this stunning ensemble of fish will create an unparalleled feature wall, perfect for your child’s bedroom or to infuse a beach-inspired ambiance throughout your home.

Please note that each vinyl wall sticker is made to order, ensuring that it is tailored precisely to your preferences. Customization options are available, including size and color adjustments. Your personalized creation may take up to 7 working days to complete, as we are dedicated to producing a masterpiece exclusively for you. See images for the custom colour ideas we have done!!

When you choose our School of Funky Fishy Pattern vinyl wall sticker, you’re investing in a touch of underwater enchantment that can be shipped securely in a sturdy tube to any corner of South Africa. Let your walls come alive with the vibrant energy of our fishy companions – order now and make a splash with your decor!