Under The Sea


Create an under the sea theme, with this gorgeous design. There are 5  waves that are 129cm wide and 15 cm tall. The whale is 48cm wide x 50cm tall. There are 4 pieces of seaweed that are approximately 26 cm tall. There are 12 yellow fish; 33 orange fish; 3 jellyfish; 2 sea horses; 3 crabs and 4 starfish. There are 6 larger fish that are between 16 & 21 cm wide This design will make a stunning feature wall in your child’s bedroom or babies nursery.

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Our captivating Under the Sea Vinyl Wall Sticker is a mesmerizing design that will transform any room into a whimsical aquatic wonderland. Dive into the depths of imagination with this enchanting depiction of marine life, creating an unforgettable feature wall in your child’s bedroom or baby’s nursery.

Set against a backdrop of calming azure waves, this exquisite design boasts a series of 5 waves that stretch 129cm wide and gracefully stand 15cm tall, evoking the soothing rhythm of the ocean. At the heart of this aquatic masterpiece is a majestic whale, measuring 48cm in width and 50cm in height, poised as if gliding through the deep blue expanse.

Accompanying the whale are 12 cheerful yellow fish, 33 vibrant orange fish, and a trio of gracefully floating jellyfish that add a touch of ethereal elegance to the scene. Two charming seahorses grace the design, while three playful crabs and four delightful starfish lend an irresistible charm to the underwater tableau.

Adding depth and texture to the composition, four artfully crafted seaweed pieces, each around 26cm tall, sway gently in the underwater current, contributing to the overall sense of movement and life beneath the waves. Six larger fish, ranging from 16 to 21cm in width, elegantly complete the ensemble, their vibrant colors and intricate details capturing the diverse beauty of the sea’s inhabitants.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this wall sticker is more than just décor – it’s a gateway to a world of imagination and exploration. If you desire a touch of personalization, we offer the flexibility to customize aspects such as size and color, allowing you to tailor this enchanting scene to your preferences.

Please note that each order is a unique creation, tailored exclusively for you. Custom orders typically require up to 5 working days for completion, ensuring that every detail is perfect before it reaches your doorstep. Our items are shipped throughout South Africa in a sturdy tube, guaranteeing the safe arrival of your breathtaking underwater masterpiece.

Embark on an undersea journey like no other with our Under the Sea Vinyl Wall Sticker – where the magic of the ocean comes to life in the heart of your home.