Muted Mermaids


A lovely design for a little girls bedroom wall!  There are 8 mermaids. Mermaid 1 is 46cm high x 23cm wide; Mermaid 2 is 60cm wide x 25cm high; Mermaid 3 is 40cm wide x 22cm high; Mermaid 4 is 40cm wide x 33cm high; Mermaid 5 is 22cm wide x 25cm high; Mermaid 6 is 27cm wide x 37cm high; Mermaid 7 is 21cm wide x 24cm high & Mermaid 8 is 30cm wide x 49cm high. 2 x  seahorse; 6 x fish; 13 x starfish; 2 x turtles & 20 waves.


Introducing our enchanting Muted Mermaids Vinyl Wall Stickers for your kids’ decor! These whimsical designs are perfect for transforming a little girl’s bedroom into an underwater wonderland. Dive into the details:

Mermaids Galore:

  • There are 8 adorable mermaids to grace your walls, each with its unique charm and size.
  • Mermaid 1: 46cm high x 23cm wide.
  • Mermaid 2: 60cm wide x 25cm high.
  • Mermaid 3: 40cm wide x 22cm high.
  • Mermaid 4: 40cm wide x 33cm high.
  • Mermaid 5: 22cm wide x 25cm high.
  • Mermaid 6: 27cm wide x 37cm high.
  • Mermaid 7: 21cm wide x 24cm high.
  • Mermaid 8: 30cm wide x 49cm high.

Underwater Companions:

  • To complete the aquatic scene, we include 2 seahorses, 6 playful fish, 13 charming starfish, 2 adorable turtles, and a stunning array of 20 waves.

Customization Available:

  • Your creativity knows no bounds! We can adjust the size and colour of these stickers to match your specific vision. Just let us know, and we’ll be happy to provide a quote.

Made Just for You:

  • Please note that custom orders take a little extra time, up to 5 working days to be precise. We want your wall to be perfect, and our stickers are printed especially for your order.

Shipping Across South Africa:

  • We’re thrilled to deliver our creations to every corner of South Africa. Your stickers will be carefully rolled and shipped in a sturdy tube to ensure they arrive in pristine condition.

These Muted Mermaids vinyl wall stickers are not just decorations; they’re invitations to a magical underwater world where imagination knows no bounds. Turn your little girl’s room into a mermaid’s paradise with these delightful designs. Dive in and let the enchantment begin!