Garden & Bugs Height Chart


A cute design for a garden & bug themed room. The flower is 120cm tall and 35cm wide. There are 14 bugs & 2 butterflies to finish off the design. It pairs beautifully with the Garden & Bugs design under the “flowers, Hearts & Rainbows” tab.


This adorable Garden & Bugs Height Chart vinyl wall sticker features a cute garden and bug-themed design, perfect for adding a touch of nature to a room. The sticker includes a charming flower, which stands tall at 120cm and spans 35cm in width. This flower serves as the centerpiece of the design, adding a splash of color and life to the room.

Accompanying the flower are 14 bugs and 2 butterflies, which complete the delightful scene. The bugs add a playful and whimsical touch, while the butterflies bring a sense of elegance and grace. Together, they create a lively and vibrant atmosphere, making it an ideal decoration for a garden and bug-themed room.

The Garden & Bugs Height Chart sticker design pairs seamlessly with the “Garden & Bugs design, providing a cohesive look for the room’s decor. For those who wish to customize the sticker, there are options available. Changes in size and color can be requested, allowing you to tailor the sticker to suit your specific preferences and needs.

As for shipping, the items are sent all over South Africa in a sturdy tube, ensuring that the sticker arrives in excellent condition, ready to adorn your wall and bring the garden and bug theme to life in your room.