Pastel Rainbow Height Chart


A stunning design for a rainbow themed room. The whole design ( if placed as per the image) is 125cm tall and 50cm wide. There are 7 rainbows, 13 hearts & 4 butterflies to finish off the design. It pairs beautifully with the Pastel Rainbow & Hearts design under the “Flowers, Hearts & Rainbows” tab.


The vinyl wall pastel rainbow height chart wall sticker is a delightful and visually appealing design, perfect for a rainbow-themed room. The entire design, when placed as per the image, spans 125cm in height and 50cm in width.

The main features of the design include: Seven Rainbows: The sticker showcases seven charming and pastel-colored rainbows, creating a sense of wonder and cheerfulness; Thirteen Hearts: Adding to the sweetness of the design, there are thirteen hearts incorporated into the sticker. These hearts may be dispersed among the rainbows or arranged separately, symbolizing love and joy & Four Butterflies: Additionally, the sticker features four butterflies, which provide a touch of nature and whimsy to the overall design. These butterflies may be positioned around the rainbows and hearts, complementing the theme.

The height chart aspect of the sticker allows you to measure and track the growth of your child, making it both decorative and functional.

This design pairs exceptionally well with the “Pastel Rainbow & Hearts” design, which share similar colour schemes and aesthetics to create a harmonious and cohesive look within the room.

As the sticker is a custom order, it is printed specifically for you. Customization options may include changing the size and color to suit your preferences. If you wish to make any alterations, the seller is happy to provide a quote for the changes.

To ensure safe delivery, the sticker is shipped within South Africa using a sturdy tube to protect it from any potential damage during transit.

In conclusion, this vinyl wall pastel rainbow height chart wall sticker is a stunning and charming addition to any rainbow-themed room, infusing it with vibrant colors, love, and a touch of nature.